Bathscape & Relax... Top bath time tips!

Bathscape & Relax... Top bath time tips!


Relax and Bathscape

Ever heard of a Bathscape? Neither had we until recently! Whilst scrolling through social media looking for me time inspiration we came across this latest bath time trend. What is Bathscaping you ask? Basically, it’s landscaping for your bath time to create the ideal environment for relaxing.
Having read a few articles about bath time routines and self care ideas we decided to let you all in on the new #bathscape trend with our top tips for the ultimate soak and sleep solutions!

1. Product Selection

Photo by Photogolic on Unsplash

Open up those bathroom vanities or self care boxes and choose your desired products to set you into the perfect zen mood. A hot bath can produce many restorative elements for your skin, and mind, so indulging in a few luxury items is a must-have for the perfect bathscape. A couple of our favourite bath time products are This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak and Aromatherapy Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, ideal for pre bed time soaks. 

2. Run the water


Photo by Photogolic on Unsplash

Start running the water for your self care soakaway to whatever temperature you feel comfortable in and pour in your chosen bath products. Pour under the water flow to create a mountain of soft bubbles.

3. Set the scene

Photo by @sammiesvictorianhome on Instagram

Now it’s time for the real Bathscape to begin. Set out your bath towels and your favourite Pretty You London pyjamas, or pajamas, for our USA readers… Our nightwear for women is the perfect post-bath outfit to soothe your skin, especially our Bamboo nightwear for the softest touch. 
Decide on your bath time music, we recommend this bath time playlist from Spotify for a super relaxing tone. Set out your bath tray and load up with your bath time essentials, we start by grabbing a glass of wine to unwind, an iPad for music or tv shows, the dreamiest scented candle (this one is fabulous from Diptyque), and get ready to melt into your heavenly tub. Dim the lights, pop on your bath pillow and slide into the bathtub, feel the days pressures and panics soak away. 

4. Using your time

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Last on our list is just a little reminder to decide how you want to spend your time in the bath, it’s an important time for you and you only. Try not to worry about what is negative in your life and feel grateful for all the good that is happening. 
We hope this little list of ideas will inspire your next bathing routine and show you the incredible bathing beauty you are.
Lots of love, 

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