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    WHAT'S TO COME IN 2019

    We know you love an exclusive sneak peak over on our blog and we thought what better way to welcome the new year, than to tell you what to look forward to and what we are working on in 2019 at Pretty You.

    As you know we have expanded into Nightwear these past few seasons and not only do we love it, but you seem to love it too. In 2019 we are looking to expand this even further, with gorgeous new sets coming in at the beginning of Spring (you may have already seen these over our site from our lifestyle shoot along with our slippers, you know the ones, those beautiful floral print ones you keep emailing us about... yep those ones!). We are also currently finalising designs and samples for our AW19 collection (eeek!), with more beautiful prints, heavyweight cosy fabrics and our first ever house robe... we are intending on calling it the 'cloud robe', that should give you an indication of how beautifully luxurious and indulgently soft it is going to be. We hope to keep growing this wonderful new avenue for the Pretty You London brand.

    Over the years we have had countless requests asking about whether or not we are going to do pretty little mini me's in our slippers and the answer is now, yes, yes we are. We thought it was the right time to give you what you've been asking for and create an adorable Mummy and Me style. We won't reveal the style just yet... but prepared, it is super cute, gorgeously soft and fluffy and one of the colourways is dusky pink... we know you and your daughters are going to absolutely love them!

    We also have another new collection we are working on at the moment that is set to launch in 2019... because you didn't think we were going to leave the men in our lives out did you? A classically stunning his and hers 'house shoe' collection. You all loved our loafer style slipper/shoes Britt & Blair this year and so we have taken the shape and design and updated them into a gorgeous his and hers matching print. Be prepared to become couple goals in 2019...

    A new change we have also made this year is keeping the beloved, best-selling Anya and Amelie styles permanently in stock, you can all rejoice. In the past we have only ever introduced new collections and new styles and once a style was sold out, that was it. We can't tell you how many emails and messages we have had from our lovely customers asking us when Anya and Amelie were coming back in stock, as they desperately needed a pair for Mothers day, or their best friends birthday, or even when they just needed a new pair for themselves! The styles have become synonymous with our brand, along with our Bamboo nightwear collection and so together the both of them now create our 'core collection'.

    Last but not least we of course will have plenty of new gorgeous Slippers for you to fall in love with launching in 2019. We are always looking to improve each year, with that being through discovering new luxurious fabrics, using new colourways or of course always giving you a little Pretty You sparkle. This year we are going to be really focusing on the fabrics we are using, the quality of the faux furs and the luxurious feel of the fabrics. Overall, as always, just trying get bigger and better whilst still keeping them at an amazing price point for you!

    We would love to know in the comments below what you are most excited to see from Pretty You London this year and if there is anything you would love us to create!


    Both the pyjama set and nightshirt in our beautiful classic bamboo collection are continuously our best sellers, and as we let you know in our last blog post, because of this we have now made the bamboo styles part of a permanent core collection. Made from stunningly soft bamboo viscose, the collection is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

    One of the main selling points for us is that it is a highly breathable fabric, which helps control your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Of course, ladies of a certain age will appreciate this within one single night, regardless of the weather... 

    If you do happen to get a little hot (and sweaty) whilst you sleep, then our bamboo nightwear will help keep you dry and comfortable, as it is moisture wicking.

    Now, many of us know the old age story of struggling to get up out of bed in the morning, (our super soft cosy nightwear won't help!). However if you leave yourself only a 10 minute window to get ready, never fear. You won't need a second shower in the morning as it also helps keep you smelling fresh due to its odour protection and anti-bacterial properties, amazing we know!

    Something which is also amazing for so many of our customers is that is hypoallergenic, meaning it is super sensitive and gentle against the skin. Zero irritation, which is the last thing you want when trying to get your beauty sleep. Bamboo Viscose is actually finer and softer than cotton, giving a seamless luxurious feel, which won't cling to the skin in any way.

    In a stunning simple contract piping design, the bamboo collection will never go out of style. In classic gorgeous colourways of black, cream and oyster (with another colour on the way...💕) there is one to suit everyone. With such a timeless look, it looks beautiful on women of all ages. The pyjama set is $80 and the nightshirt is $68, pick yours up now and learn what it feels like to sleep in luxury.


    At Pretty You London we are always aiming to expand the lounge luxe lifestyle for you ladies and so it was only a natural progression that we create our first house shoe! Now, we know what you may be thinking, what exactly is a house shoe? Essentially, this super soft-touch loafer style slipper-shoe will take you from the sofa to the shops in style. With hard durable rubber outsoles you can wear these beauties out and about as you would a normal shoe, however due to the premium padded insoles, you have all the comfort of a slipper.

    In four beautiful designs, the Britt comes in two options, a classic black with a gorgeous gold star embroidery or a charcoal grey with scattered silver stars and pearls. The Blair is the Britt's cute girly twin, it is available in a light grey adorned with an adorable grey faux fur pom pom and in a beautifully soft pastel pink version with a cute bow and classic Pretty You London diamante embellishment. Let them take you from day to night, and morning to day in perfectly polished cosy style.

    Available for purchase here for only £39.50, you are not going to want to wear anything else! Finally comfort extends from the living room to beyond… your welcome!


    You may or may not have noticed a bit of a difference on prettyyoulondon.com this past week? We have re-designed on our entire website to give a fresh new look to represent what feels like a lot of behind the scenes changes. The website now has a sleeker look to give you ladies a more user-friendly experience that makes prettyyoulondon.com super easy to use and more enjoyable!

    So now we know you're curious, what are our big behind the scenes changes? Very exciting... we've moved back to our home, the UK! We are going to be working more closely with our design team and there will be much more of a British influence, that we know you all love, moving forward! So what does the move mean for you?

    For so long we have had beautiful Pretty You London products that you ladies would email us about and ask where you could buy, that heartbreakingly weren't available in the USA. Well, now you can! You can shop all of our stunning nightwear collection, luxurious Swarovski adorned (swoon!) loungewear and beautiful summer sandals.

    We have also taken your feedback on board regarding delivery time and that has now improved with our standard taking only 2-3 days for $9.99 and our fast-track delivery 1-2 day for $19.99, all fully tracked and signed for!

    We have the same great customer service that is on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about our products, on all social platforms and via email, whichever you prefer...

    Lastly, you will have immediate access to all new collection drops and the latest news and promotions from Pretty You London! The best way to stay in the loop with all these exclusive offers is to sign up for our newsletter below for sure or follow us on your favourite social media platform.

    Now we know you are also wondering, where are the slippers you all know and love? Our new AW18 slipper collection will be launching late September with beautiful new designs in gorgeous colours, luxurious furs and velvets, and of course, they will all have that signature Pretty You sparkle you all adore. Until then, be sure to explore our beautiful nightwear and footwear collections for the Summertime...