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At Pretty You London we are always aiming to expand the lounge luxe lifestyle for you ladies and so it was only a natural progression that we create our first house shoe! Now, we know what you may be thinking, what exactly is a house shoe? Essentially, this super soft-touch loafer style slipper-shoe will take you from the sofa to the shops in style. With hard durable rubber outsoles you can wear these beauties out and about as you would a normal shoe, however due to the premium padded insoles, you have all the comfort of a slipper. In four...

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Alex Tunstall


You may or may not have noticed a bit of a difference on this past week? We have re-designed on our entire website to give a fresh new look to represent what feels like a lot of behind the scenes changes. The website now has a sleeker look to give you ladies a more user-friendly experience that makes super easy to use and more enjoyable! So now we know you're curious, what are our big behind the scenes changes? Very exciting... we've moved back to our home, the UK! We are going to be working more closely with our...

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