Beautiful Bamboo

Beautiful Bamboo | All you need to know about Bamboo
We're proud to offer an irresistable collection of ethically products nightwear made from FSC sustainably sourced bamboo viscose. Each factory we work with has a valid SEDEX audits, which ensures good working conditions and pay of the factory workers. Here are some other reasons why our Bamboo collection is the ideal choice to help you sleep well at night. 

Thermoregulating and Breathable

Fibres in the bamboo traps warm air in the cross-sections fibres which helps keep you warm while the gaps in the weave allows for movement of air. Simply put, it keeps you warm when you’re cool, and cool when you’re warm.
These same fibres also have wicking properties which pull moisture away from the skin allowing it to evaporate. This will keep you feeling fresh throughout the night. Great for those who frequently overheat or who are battling with those menopausal night sweats.


Bamboo Kun is the antimicrobial bio-agent which give bamboo viscose antibacterial properties. This keeps you feeling fresher for longer. We would still recommend you wash your nightwear after two to four wears.

Beautifully Soft

If you’ve never felt our bamboo material, you won't know just how soft it is. Bamboo has long and rounded fibres which when combined with the elastane we use for flexibility, creates a material that’s durable yet super soft. It’s the perfect material for nightwear.

Sustainably Sourced

Our supply of bamboo viscose is 100% FSC sustainably sourced. Naturally, bamboo is a fast growing material which doesn’t take up much land to yield a large harvest. We’ve chosen our supplier carefully to ensure our bamboo is responsibly sourced and it’s production doesn’t have any negative impact on the communities that surround the bamboo forests.

Natural and Fast Growing

Bamboo is fast growing with low water requirements. The clever bamboo tree absorbs a lot more CO2 and releases more oxygen than it’s main counterpart, the cotton plant. Our bamboo viscose isn’t treated with harsh chemicals meaning it can decompose a lot more easily than most materials.