A denim skirt is a perfect basic staple for the summer, and it gives a little bit more a girly edge to the classic (cough*boring*cough) denim shorts. Yet for some reason it's not something everyone owns? With so many different ways to style it can be a little overwhelming on where to start, so we are going to run through our top 5 favourite ways to style them that will no doubt make you want one asap!

SUMMER BLOUSESdenimskirt2As we just stated, a denim skirt is a basic. Give your girly blouses their ultimate showtime, from lace to bardot, star prints to stripes, your denim skirt will be a perfect addition to give you a girly fashionable summer outfit.

CHUNKY KNITSdenimskirt3Now when do we here at PYL not love a chunky knit? The answer to that is never. Styling your denim skirt with a cosy knit is a perfect way to dress on those colder summer days or evenings. It keeps you looking stylish and summery whilst staying warm.

MAKE A STATEMENTdenimskirt4Denim skirts are not all basic, and they certainly don't need to be the basic element to your outfit. Make your denim skirt the statement! Try one in a bold colour or if you're feeling more adventurous, try one with some embroidery or patchwork.

DOUBLE DENIMdenimskirt1

Now we know what you're thinking... double denim, really?! But honestly if you want to look like you're in the know with your fashion trends, then this is a look for you. Double denim is also perfect for a festival outfit as it gives you a simple base that you can incorporate lots of printed colourful bohemian accessories onto.

KEEP IT BASICdenimskirt5

Stick with a monochrome colour palette with your outfit for an instant 'cool girl' factor. Keeping it simple and basic is also an amazing way to transition your leather jacket in the summer months when it is a bit cooler.

We hope you found these styling tips useful and let us know in the comments what your favourite ways to style a denim skirt are...

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