Preparing for Autumn!

Preparing for Autumn!
As the days and evenings of a new season approach us, the air gets cooler and the days get shorter, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay warm this winter. 
The ever-growing energy crisis is affecting us all in ways we could have never imagined, so we’ve tried to figure out ways at being proactive in minimising rising energy bills.

Blankets & Throws

Before jumping to putting the heating on, try to wrap up in the cooler months, like September, October & November, as it’s likely we will have no choice in the cold months to rely on heating our homes with gas or electricity. We recommend investing in some soft blankets and throws, electric blankets (trust us, low energy and incredibly cosy) and of course your thermoregulating bamboo nightwear and fluffy dressing gown.

Hot bubble baths before bed

We find having a nice warm bath before bed not only relaxes you from the stresses of the day gone by, but also increases body temperature just in time for you to slip into your cosy bed. Creating a warm and cosy haven in your bedroom also allows you to subconsciously relax, and a pretty vase of flowers/faux flowers on your bedside creates a feeling of warmth and happiness.

Carb up!

Now is the time to focus on what you are meal planning for the week. Food and drink is a source of energy for our body, and we need it to keep warm. Loading up with carbs and hot drinks will keep you fuller for longer and allow your body the energy it needs to keep you warm. Here are some of our favourites we’ve found along the way:

Layers, layers & more layers!

If you’re a really cold person you probably already know about layering, and thermal layers. Women's thermals will trap heat and keep you cosy under your everyday wardrobe. Even layering blankets and sheets onto your usual bedding will create a cosy environment.


Okay, so we may be slightly biased when it comes to slippers, but if your feet aren’t staying warm, chances are the rest of your body is cold too. Every member of the family should have slippers or thick, warm socks to be wearing around the house, from the little ones to the older ones. 
Whatever your technique for staying warm this Autumn, we truly wish you a safe and secure season.

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