Frequently asked questions

Natural breathability and thermoregulation make bamboo one of the best fabrics for bedding. Warm air to pass easily through the fabric's smooth texture, keeping you cool in summer and helping you stay warm in winter. Bamboo’s antibacterial properties make it effective in eliminating odour causing bacteria and it is the most naturally hypoallergenic fabric choice for sensitive skin.

Bamboo is naturally more breathable than cotton, helping to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Bamboo will naturally wick away any moisture and odours to prevent bacteria growth for longer and therefore requires less frequent washing. However cotton is highly porous and will absorb and retain high levels of moisture from the surrounding environment. Cotton can wrinkle more easily, whereas Bamboo fibres are naturally flexible and can spring back into shape. Wrinkles on your Bamboo bedding will therefore naturally smooth over time and less ironing is needed.

Ensure that you get the best out of your new bedding for longer by following our suggested care instructions. Our Bamboo Bedding Sets are machine washable and should be washed at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle and with a mild detergent. Button up duvet covers prior to machine washing to prevent any stress on our Bamboo buttons during washing. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach as these can damage the fabric. After washing, hang your bamboo bedding up to dry naturally or select a cool, low speed cycle for tumble drying. Wrinkles will naturally smooth on your Bamboo bedding over time, for an extra press, please use a cool iron.

Your new bedding will arrive slightly oversized to account for minimal amount of shrinkage after first wash. Rest assured, after washing, your sheets will be the perfect fit. Expect your bedding to soften after each wash, making these sheets even cosier!

We offer a 30-day returns and exchange policy from the date your order is received. Please note that for hygiene reasons, once your bedding has been opened, the product cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any queries regarding an exchange or return of your bedding, please get in touch at

Our commitment to the planet starts with the materials we use. Bamboo is a fast-growing resource that requires minimal water usage and no fertilisers or pesticides to grow and harvest. The Bamboo tree absorbs a lot more CO2 and releases more oxygen than its main counterpart, the cotton plant. We’ve chosen our supplier carefully to ensure our bamboo is responsibly sourced and its production doesn’t have any negative impact on the communities that surround the bamboo forests. Our Bamboo bedding is plastic free and
we have chosen to use all non-toxic dyes that are kinder to your skin and our environment.