There's that old age saying that says 'you can tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes they wear' and we believe this extends into slippers as well! Here at Pretty You London we have such an amazing range of different styles, in various colours, that with so many to choose from we are curious, what type of girl and ultimately what type of slipper are you?!

The Girly Girlslippertype slippertype2You love anything pink, anything fluffy and anything with a big huge bow on it. You're ultra feminine and love anything that makes you look and feel like the princess that you are.

Shop Sabrina Pink | Matilda Pink | Olympia Pink

The Classic Girlslippertype3 slippertype4You love all things classic and simple and you're never one to look unpolished, but that is not to be mistaken with boring! You just prefer a more understated and subtle sparkle whilst always maintaining a sophisticated style.

Shop Rosie Tan | Patty Grey | Opal White

The Glamorous Girlslippertype5slipper6In your world there is no such thing as too much glam! No matter where you are you're never not looking fabulous, anything sparkly or fluffy and you're all over it.

Shop Saffron Burgundy | Octavia White | Sammi Black

The Cosy Girlslippertype7 slippertype8You love to be cosy and casual whenever possible but never sacrifice looking cute, you live for comfy knits and have your 'messy bun' perfected.

Shop Ruby Tan | Santa | Perrie Pink

So what type of girl are you? And more importantly what is your favourite PYL slipper style?

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