Trick Or Treat For Your Feet!

Dear Readers,

It is that time of the year again!  Halloween has arrived and If you haven’t already done so, it’s definitely about time to get the outfit ready. I personally love everything that has do do with Halloween. Anything from the decoration, the spicy pumpkin latte from Starbucks to the delicious candy and of course the occasion to dress up in a costume!

However, one thing that I do not like is buying a costume to later find out that at least 10 other people  bought the exact same costume. I believe that being original just like Pretty You London is very important and makes the chances of winning best costume significant higher;). Therefore, I have put together some "do it yourself"  more fashionable, inspirational accessories from my favorite cartoon character Bambi which is my choice for this year's costume  ( I promise I will share some pictures with you my dear readers)... This way you will stand out from everybody else and you will also look pretty and fashionable (Handsome for all male readers)

There is one for men and one for women and they are both completed with a pair of pretty you and ugly me slippers which are perfect if you are planning on staying indoors during Halloween, but still would like to dress up for visitors tricking and treating. If you are planning on attending any Halloween parties or going out tricking or treating your self then use your slippers as a treat for your feet before and after the outdoor Halloween activities as you will for sure do lots of walking and dancing.

Please send me your Halloween outfit and which one of your slippers you choose to wear with the outfit and why. Best Costume will be featured in this blog.

Have a wonderful Weekend! Eat lots of candy, stay sweet and stay Pretty!

/ Jenny

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