This year has seen so many gorgeous fashion trends pop up - from fashion bloggers to high-street outlets,it's been an amazing fashion year. We have rounded up our favourite trends of 2016 - and trust us, it was't easy to narrow it down to 5! 1. OVERSIZED EVERYTHING This year we have seen everything in an oversized style. Not only is this extremely comfy, it looks casual and chic, perfect for during the day with some trainers or during the night with some killer heels. 1-oversized 2. VELVET Velvet has been everywhere this year, clothing, bags, shoes and more. Not only has velvet made a huge appearance, it has been done in every possible colour. 2-velvet 3. NUDE TONES Since the launch of the Yeezy collection, everyone seems to be going mad for nude, neutral colour palettes. Lot's of beige, khaki and peach featuring across this trend. 3-nude 4. TRAINERS 2016 has definitely been the year of the trainer with lot's of classic styles making a comeback. Workout wear is definitely ok for daily wear. 4-trainers 5. LACE UP There have been so many beautiful lace up pieces this year, from shoes to dresses - we just can't get enough. Kim K definitely has this trend down to perfection and looks flawless doing so. 5-lace-up What were some of your favourite trends this year? let us know down in the comments! Pretty You London Signature

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