When we think of someone who we deem as 'stylish' our minds jump straight to Olivia Palermo. Effortlessly chic, always polished and never something expected, she truly wins in the style stakes. If we could steal any celebs wardrobe, she would most definitely be one of the top people on our list! There is a few tips and tricks we have noted over the years and we are going to run you through some of our faves...

Put your best foot forwardoliviapalermo1Olivia Palermo undoubtedly has the best shoe collection, ever! I think it's fair to say that sometimes her shoes alone make her entire outfit. So, in short, to look like an uber stylish fashion goddess pair a simple pair of jeans and a basic top with some killer bold shoes and call it a day.

Synch it inoliviapalermo2If there is one thing Olivia knows how to do well, it is how to dress for her body type. We regularly see Olivia belting her entire outfit to ensure her look is as flattering as possible. Jackets, Jumpers, Dresses, essentially anything and everything, Olivia shows us that sticking a belt around it can really elevate your look.

Be unexpected oliviapalermo3Now would we really be discussing Olivia Palermo's style if we didn't talk about prints? More importantly, mixing prints. This girl is an absolute pro at pulling off a print and knowing which prints look good together. This is also true for her take on textures. Our advice to pulling these tricky looks off would be to try combining at least 2 in one single outfit. So moving forward, remember... 2 prints / 2 textures / 1 print & 1 texture, etc.

Stay chic oliviapalermo4We love nothing more than seeing what Olivia is wearing on her off-duty days strolling around new york. Unshockingly she even manages to pull off a pair of jeans and flats into something more polished and fashionable. Note that it is all in the details... faux fur trims, a printed bag, embroidered trainers, add something a little extra, always.

Balance it outoliviapalermo6

Whilst Olivia rocks more feminine outfits most of the time, she certainly knows how to do menswear. Adding small girly details to these looks show how she has a natual talent for styling.

Polish & perfect your look oliviapalermo5Lastly, we know we are talking about Olivia's style, but would it really be complete without her super shiny tresses and perfectly polished makeup? We think not. It is clear she knows what works for her and sticks with it. One thing we know is the sooner we do this ourselves, the better.

Is there a particular look that comes to mind when you think 'Olivia Palermo style' or any of these tips that stand out to you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Until next time...

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