Spring Skincare Refresh

Spring Skincare Refresh

Spring should be well and truly under way by now (although this monsoon May makes it debatable) and your skincare routine may need a bit of a makeover. The way our skin reacts to the environment around us can be dependant on the weather conditions it endures, so changing your routine and products can help keep your skin at its glowing best.

We have put together a few helpful tips from exfoliating away your winter skin to mattifying products to keep that dreaded oily t-zone at bay. 

1. Exfoliate to reveal your Spring skin

Your skin goes through a lot in the Winter months, from harsh cold winds to drying indoor heating, so using an exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells will reveal a glowy complexion for Spring. Here are some of our favourites:


With the warmer, sunnier days approaching it is imperative to be using a face SPF daily, even on cloudy days! The sun can cause active ageing in the skin and increase the chances of skin cancer, so doing what we can do to prevent this is a year-long must. Here are some of our favourites in SPF protection:

3. Eye Creams

The suns rays are much-needed right now but they can also cause fine lines around our eyes, especially when we're squinting, so using a protective eye cream can prevent this from developing as much. Sunglasses are also a win for this time of year as they act as a barrier that reflects UV rays. Our favourite eye creams are:

4. Mattifying products to avoid Oily T-Zones

The warmer months can often be a problem time for combination and oily skin types (us included) and so having trailed through lots of different products we think we've finally found a few holy grail items to combat the oil! Starting with a good skincare base can also keep makeup in place and stop from going too heavily dewy. Here are some products that work for us:

5. Hydration is key!

Last but not least we have hydration. Drinking water is key for all healthy routines, not just for skincare. Water helps flush your body of toxins and creates a clearer complexion. Plus in the warmer months it's beneficial for you to stay extra hydrated, especially when in direct sunlight.


We hope you enjoyed our little Spring skincare update, and can't wait to be out there enjoying the sunnier months!

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