We absolutely adore nails, whether we are wearing them super polished classic french manicure style or crazy chrome mermaid effect purple. We love them! So of course, we also love a good nail design, however let's be honest, when doing them on yourself it's hard to not make it look like a 5 year olds DIY job.
In a search for inspiration on our good old friend Pinterest we found our favourite minimalistic designs that absolutely anybody can do themselves. So if you simply don't have time to get to the salon give one of our tried and tested gorgeous minimalistic nail designs!

Foil stripsHow amazing is this nail design?! Firstly because it looks really cool and secondly because it is ridiculously easy to do. A quick search on Ebay will bring up millions of results for foil strip tape, specifically made for nails. Whether you're a gold, silver or rose gold kinda gal, Ebay has the tape for you!

Nude & DottedAnother super simplistic design that you can see from the first photo, only takes a handy little cotton bud to re-create. Our favourite colour combinations are definitely a nude nail with either a black, red or rose gold dot!

Glitter cuticlesThis is undoubtedly one of our favourite nail designs ever! Regardless of whether are discussing minimalistic designs or not. After all who doesn't love a little glitter?! Our favourite has to be the ombre, one because it looks good with any colour combination and two because you don't have to be neat! 

So next time you fancy doing something a little different but don't want anything too fussy, give one of these minimalistic nail designs a go! Also let us know in the comments if you try one of them out! x

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