High Heal Hangover

This one’s for the girls… You know that feeling when you’ve been out all night in your high heels, and you feet are speaking to you, “take me home right now or suffer the wrath of aches and blisters?” Well, we understand that. Various people have tried to cash in on this trend. Girls sometimes take collapsible pumps in their handbags for the early hours of the morning during a staggered walk home. Convenient yes, any more comfortable than heels? Marginally. I call on you bon viveurs to carry a pair of PRETTY YOU slippers in your armory. Granted, they require slightly more room in your already crammed handbags. Perhaps take out that bottle of dry shampoo. Put our slippers on, waddle home and fall to sleep. Your feet will thank you the next day and the next and the next etc. Sammy

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