Slippers and Christmas go together like salt and pepper - having one without the other just doesn't seem right. Every year there tends to be Christmas hampers for sale, yet they all seem to look the same and never really look too glam. Here at Pretty You London we thought we would reinvent the classic Christmas hamper, using a slipper full of delightful treats rather than a box full of not so exciting fillers. We decided to use our Patty Grey slippers because they have a beautiful diamante finish which definitely gives off a christmas vibe. You can use any slippers you like, everyone has their own preference - for some slipper inspiration click here. When thinking about what to put in your slipper hamper, it's important to consider the receiver - what do they like? We decided to include some chocolate, facial oil and a lipstick in our hamper as the receiver loves everything beauty related. For food enthusiasts, you could pop in some indulgent treats or for fashion lovers you could collate some lovely accessories. The budget of your hamper is completely up to you, whether you're looking for a stocking filler style gift or a luxury higher end gift, it all depends how you fill it. The great thing about this gift is that you really can't go wrong with it - whether you're gifting your best friend or your boyfriend, the slipper hamper is perfect for anyone. You can pick or choose how much you want to include in this hamper, for a small gift simply choose a couple of items to fill one slipper, for a larger gift you can fill both slippers or possibly use slipper booties for more room. To finish off your slipper hamper, wrap it up in some beautiful ribbon or wrapping paper - treat it like a mini christmas tree! We chose gold ribbon with lot's of curls and bows to add a little elegance to our gift, however, you can add sparkles, bells, baubles and more - there are no rules here. What would you like to receive in your slipper hamper? let us know down below. For more Christmas inspiration do check out our recent blog posts, we've been talking gift guides, wrapping trends and more! Pretty You London Signature

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