As much as we love getting home at night, doing our nighttime routine, putting our PJs on and jumping in bed, our morning routine is just as important to us. We thought we would share our best tips to start the day off right for a positive and productive day.

1. You know this is coming... make the effort to wake up earlier. Giving yourself extra time in the morning makes you feel less rushed and manic which overall gives you a more relaxing start to your day. Of course it is always easier to wake up earlier if you've had a good sleep beforehand, our luxurious soft nightwear can help with that...

2. May sound silly/like your mother, but make your bed. It is a very small task that makes you feel accomplished and productive as soon as you wake up and it will promote that mentality going into the day. It also feels better when you come home from work at night, it makes it feel fresher and creates a calmer space to walk into and unwind.

3. Try and do some light exercise, let's be honest most of us are not jump out of bed and go for a run type of people (whoever those people are). However some yoga or even just some stretches will help get your blood pumping and your muscles working. Exercising also releases endorphins giving you more energy and putting you in a happy positive mood for the day.

4. A healthy way to start the day is with a good meal. We've heard it all before that breakfast is the most important one of the day, but whether you love it or not we could all benefit from a healthy smoothie. Filled with your favourite fruit and veg, some protein powder and of course some form of liquid you can make it is as simple or as fancy as you like.

5. Be considerate with choosing your outfit in the morning, take the time to choose something you feel really confident in. Also take your time while you do your hair and makeup, treat it is a relaxing process and see it as part of your self-care routine on a daily basis. This will help with your self-esteem and make you feel happy before you leave the house.

We hope this gives you an insight into our morning routine and motivates you to start your day more positively, and remember it takes around a month of doing something daily to create a good habit, so dont give up after doing it once!

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