5 ways to enjoy the long bank holiday weekend

5 ways to enjoy the long bank holiday weekend
The long bank holiday weekend of 2023 is fast approaching and we’re giving you 5 top things to do whilst you enjoy your time away from the office. 

Peaceful walks in the countryside

There is often no better feeling than coming home from a peaceful walk in the countryside. Being in nature and getting out of the house is not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health. Physical activity has the potential to enhance our well-being, especially if you have been in the house for a few days over the Easter bank holidays and are starting to get a bit of cabin fever! Check out Wanderlust’s list of the 11 best walks in the Lake District.

Easter dinners with family and friends

Now this may be an obvious one for a lot of us for Easter Sunday. Dinner with family to celebrate the holiday or to just celebrate the long weekend! Why not also indulge in a dinner party with friends on Good Friday or a cosy Easter brunch on Easter Monday.

The Boxset Binge

A favourite amongst team Pretty You. Is there anything better than finding a new series or movie franchise that you can’t get enough of! Unwinding with a series or film can really take our minds off the stresses of daily life and encase ourselves in a different reality. Find the IMDb list of the top 250 TV shows ever made here! We also recommend downloading the JustWatch app that lets you know on which streaming platform every series or film is available.

Pamper Day

No bank holiday is complete without a pamper day. Use one of those 4 days off to unwind and relax and indulge in some well deserved self-care. We say it often in our Pretty You blogs, self-care is so important to the mind, body and soul and we should all look after ourselves that little bit more. Set out your latest set of Pretty You London nightwear and run a hot, relaxing bath or steamy shower. Prepare your updated skincare routine and start to de-stress. We recommend reading Good Housekeeping’s guide to building the best skincare routine for you

Last Minute Getaway

Be spontaneous this Bank Holiday weekend and book a trip away! This could be abroad in the warm sunshine of mainland Europe or a quick trip down the road to some of the UK’s best getaway destinations. Take a look at the top UK & Ireland mini getaways here.
Happy bank holiday weekend to all of our lovely readers, we hope you get to relax, unwind and take a second to take everything in this Easter.
Lots of love,

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