WFH: how to adjust to your new way of working

WFH: how to adjust to your new way of working

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Whether you’ve recently been thrown into this way of working by some very unusual circumstances or you’ve recently decided to make a change in your career, we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you embrace the ability to work from home. It’s becoming common practice for millions of people all around the world so let’s seize the opportunity. 

Maintain your routine

It can be easy to feel more relaxed, thinking you don’t have to be at your desk until a certain time so you’ll stay in bed that bit longer. Try to avoid this as your body needs time to wake up. Set an alarm and get up at a normal, early time, and instead, use the spare time you have to put a load of washing on or do an exercise video. It’s important to get your head into the right place to begin a productive day.

Get ready

Don’t stay in your pyjamas! Funny we should advocate this, we know. As a nightwear and slipper brand, we do love our comfies, but we understand the importance of structure and there is a real physiological connection between your state of mind and when you wear your PJ’s. They should be reserved for the special time after you’ve done the work that earns you the right to relax. Showering, doing your hair and putting on make-up are all things that help shift your mind to a practical set, ready for the day ahead.

Find a workspace

As best you can, find a dedicated workspace. Make sure it’s warm, bright and preferable away from the main living space. By all measures, avoid sitting on the sofa or bed. It’ll lead to bad posture, back and leg ache, meaning you’re distracted from the job you’re meant to be doing.

If there are children in the house, try to teach them the importance of you having quiet time to work. When sharing childcare, make sure you create a schedule that works for all caregivers to allow you to get your job done, while giving the children a healthy experience of being in your working home.

Avoid social media

This applies at all times but especially during your working day. It can be tempting to take a sneaky scroll but if you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t do it at home.

Social media, in general, is a black hole so limit your usage. Both Facebook and Instagram have handy tools which allow you to set reminders when you’ve been on them for so long. Be sure to unfollow any accounts that give you negative feelings.

Stay fed

We would go as far to say, food is the best form of procrastination. Try to stick to what you always would have eaten in a normal office environment. We do recommend you leave your workspace to have your snacks and lunch break, as it can be very intense working for so long in one space. During your lunch break, you could plan your evening meal. Make it something to get excited about so you’ll finish your day on time.

Stay fresh

Be sure to keep you and your surroundings clean. We’ve mentioned already the importance of waking yourself up with a shower but we extend this to your clothes, bedding, towels and workspace. Create a schedule to remind yourself when certain cleaning chores need doing. Pyjamas especially are important to keep fresh as going to sleep feeling fresh will encourage a healthy night sleep, leaving you feeling ready to take on the day at the office - your home office.

The Pretty You London team have all relocated to their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, so like so many of you, we’re adjusting to working from our homes. From Cheshire to the Wirral, we are all thankful for our health and the amazing work of the NHS and all health care professionals who are working to keep us safe. Our exclusive 20% discount for health care providers is still available and is shared in good faith. THANKYOUHCP20

We wanted to share our personal tips of ways to brighten your days.

Buy a walking book. As easy as it sounds, in my experience walking guide books take you on routes that aren’t trodden by the masses, meaning you’re not exposed to as many people. I recommend Ordnance Surveys ‘Outstanding Circular Walks’ range available on Amazon here. They have them for most areas and they’re quite affordable.

Lou, eCommerce Manager

Start the day by filling in your gratitude journal. Write down 3 or 4 things every day that you’re grateful for. It’ll help get in in a positive, ‘can-do’ mindset. I love my Alleyoop notepad but you can equally use a blank notebook. Try to keep it to pen and paper though. It’s far more satisfying physically writing something and it’s easy to pick up and look back on in days or weeks time.

Carla, International Sales Manager

Exercise together! Ask your housemates or family to join you for a walk, run or circuit. There are so many live workouts to follow along with on Instagram or Youtube, make sure you choose a bodyweight one so they’ll be no need for equipment. One of my favourites to follow is @laurabiceps on the Foundry Fit Instagram account. It’s the perfect endorphin boost to start or end your day working from home.

Hannah, Marketing Executive

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