As a slipper and nightwear brand it is safe to say we all love our pyjamas here at PYL HQ and if we could live in them, we would. So you can imagine our delight when pyjamas became the new ready-to-wear seen on all of our favourite celebs. No longer do your luxury pyjamas have to be confined to the comfort of your own home and only able to be seen by your nearest and dearest. Instead they can be showcased to the world and these style queens will show just exactly how...

If there is one style icon that rocks this trend like no other, then it is hands down the gorgeous Gigi Hadid. From beautiful satin and monochrome prints, to bold colours and traditional stripes, she shows how to style them sexy and masculine. Wear them in the day with heels and glasses for a geek chic vibe or dress them up for a night out with jewellery and a tailored jacket.

Zendaya is never one to shy away from a dazzling outfit and she wears the pyjama trend stunningly... with our beautiful CANDY pyjamas it is easy to replicate her multi-stripe look.

It is easy to see which colour is the go-to for trying out the pyjama dressing trend, blue, as regardless of how bold you go with the print is always comes off low-key and not too try hard. After all, if Victoria Beckham is doing it then you best believe we are. With Rihanna and the VS models leading the way, it is the perfect place to start when trying out this trend...

Nicole Richie is always the one to boldly try a new trend, of course always with a boho twist. Steal her beautiful style with our gorgeous FLORAL shirt and trouser, in 3 colourways it is easy to find one you love, for this look our favourite is the Dove Grey.

If you're not feeling that brave then keeping it simple or slowly incorporating pyjama style into your everyday looks is the way to go. Pair a silky pyjama top with jeans or a skirt, and pair silky pyjama trousers with a blazer for a night out. Or if you do want to go for a complete look, keep it classic with all black. 

Now you are well a truly inspired with the pyjama trend, shop your new favourite here. You best believe on our next night out we will be in our floral print set with a nude pair of heels...


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