Valentines is right around the corner, but are you still struggling on what to get your significant other? Look no further, we've got you covered with these amazing universally loved gift suggestions. Forget the cliché flowers and chocolate, get them something a little more luxury this valentines...Now whilst we are slightly biased to say the best thing on this list is defo the new slippers and pjs... it is actually the card. Get a cute a funny card that you know will put a smile on her face, and anything else is just a bonus. So with that said... new slippers and pjs never fails to warm a girls heart! Getting all cosy after a gorgeous bubble bath, lighting a brand new candle, and having a quick spritz of perfume will have any woman feeling fabulous on valentines. Of course, new jewellery or makeup never goes amiss and is a sure fire way to impress your love, and a lovely matching lingerie always makes a woman feel gorgeous.Men, men, men, so difficult to buy for... serious question, is it just because they generally don't want for anything or do we women want for too much?! We have compiled a gift guide for you that is sure to win him over this valentines! Of course, slippers are at the top of the list, and our men's line 'Ugly Me' have some amazing ones in at the moment. Now if you plan on have a romantic evening for two, maybe don't give him a new video game until right at the end of the date, same can be said for the kindle and the speakers (men will waste an endless amount hours on 'setting up' a new gadget). Classic gifts such a new watch or some new boxers never go underappreciated, but maybe trying giving him something a little new this valentines, possibly some fancy new skincare to get him looking even more gorgeous...

We hope you all have an amazing valentines with your loved ones, even if it just with your friend, #galentines! Even if you're by yourself this valentines, pamper yourself and feel gorgeous because self love is the most important thing of all! 

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