Your coffee table is an integral part of your living space. We practically live our lives around it, so it is important that it represents us. Whether we like a lot of colour, what are hobbies are, what is sentimental to us, etc. A lot can be said about a person from a quick glance at their coffee table, so it is important we get it right.

Read our top tips below to getting your coffee table looking as perfect as you do, for the next time you have someone round to your home.

Have a vision

You need to have a clear visualisation of your living space and think clearly what would tie different elements of the room together. Do you have a lot of silver and gold accents throughout your home? Do have a particular colour you're trying to accent? Incorporate your pre-existing theme into one or 2 statement pieces on your table.

Source Inspiration

Nothing beats good old Pinterest for some gorgeous interior inspiration. Create a board of all the coffee tables that you like / find inspiring so that you can easily refer back to it when you're a) buying new pieces and b) styling and arranging your coffee table.

Introduce your personality

The easiest way incorporate some of your personality is through the use of books, are you really into fashion, interiors, photography, nature? Get a few books together that you love aesthetically and get to stacking... after all, they don't call them 'coffee table books' for nothing. You can also have something personal and sentimental as a good conversational piece on your table. Possibly a family heirloom, an item that you collect or something from one of your travels.

Create balance

Life is all about balance, and when it comes to styling your coffee table, it's no different. Create a visual masterpiece by having fun juxtapositions, aka. if you have something taller on one end, keep the other end low, if you have a something rectangular, having something else circular... and you get the picture. A Pinterest worthy coffee table is all about having the right amount of elements and how they look cohesively as one.

Get yourself a tray 

Welcome to coffee table styling 101. If you don't yet have a tray, you need to get one. Be considerate with which one you choose as it will be the foundation that brings a lot of your pieces together as one component. A tray can also help distinguish your interior style. A plain white tray with give you a modern sleek feeling, whereas a gold mirrored tray will give you something more eclectic and chic.

Empty space

Once you've nailed the aesthetic styling of your coffee table you need to ensure it actually functions the way it is supposed to. You need some empty space for tv remotes and your coasters! So that you can actually put a cup of coffee down on it. How much empty space you have is completely up to you, subconsciously your coffee table will probably more cluttered or more minimal naturally, depending on your personality through the styling process.

There you have it, how to style your coffee table to perfectly showcase your wonderful personality and interior design goddess abilities. If you have anything on your table that you think is particularly fab that we failed to mention, let us and everyone else know in the comments below! 

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