Pamper Night Essentials


Let's face it, life can get very busy and we often forget to slow down and take some time out. One of the best ways to zone out and relax is deffinitely a pamper night, they're easy to do and allow you to have some well deserved me time with little  effort. We have decided to round up some of our favourite pamper night essentials so that you don't have to do the thinking.


There is no better feeling than getting home, putting on your pjs and popping on your slippers. Grab your favourite pyjamas or lounge wear and cosy up in your slippers, give your feet a well deserved rest. (For some slipper inspiration, take a look at our new arrivals here) USE YOUR FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCTS As our bodies get tired, so can our skin. Take some time to pamper your skin with your favourite skincare products. We love using a soothing cleansing balm to remove makeup followed by a luxurious facial oil, your skin will be glowing in the morning! If you feel your skin needs a little more TLC, why not indulge in a face mask? TAKE A LONG BATH Is it just us or do baths have magical healing powers, there's something about them that transports you straight to a spa in the Maldives. If you're a bubbles gal, pour a generous amount of bubble bath in your favourite scent. If you don't like bubbles, why not try a bath milk or bath oil, your skin will feel like silk for days! PUT ON YOUR FAVOURITE FILM OR SERIES This is the time to watch whatever you want, guilt free! You've finished your duties for the day and this is your time, so watch as many episodes as you like and don't apologise for it! DO SOME YOGA If you love to relax but still want to get your body moving, why not give yoga a go? Yoga and meditation can really help our minds settle and reduce anxiety, it's perfect before bed and will allow your body to wind down. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest so don't worry about knowing all the moves! READ A BOOK Books are a great way to relax and escape into another world for a few hours. Grab that book that you've been meaning to read for months and snuggle up in a blanket, make sure you've got your favourite drink too! If you're a hot chocolate lover like us, check out our ultimate hot chocolate recipe here! Be sure to let us know your favourite pamper night essentials down in the comments! We are off to pop on our slippers and watch Netflix with a hot chocolate!

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