Hygge seems to be taking over the world at the moment, a Danish concept that encourages you to live cosily and embrace warmth. The good thing about Hygge is that it requires minimal effort and time, here's 5 ways you can incorporate Hygge into your life. 1. Surround yourself with things you love Got a favourite throw for your bed? or even a jumper that needs washing but it just completes your outfit and makes you feel fab? Girl, get that throw out and wear that jumper, wear it all week. Surrounding yourself with things that you love will make you feel calm, happy and relaxed. 2. Burn a candle It seems small but lighting a candle creates a cosy atmosphere and a spa like aesthetic. Go out and grab your favourite scent, go home and light it. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, whether your in the bath or doing the dishes, light that candle up. 3. Treat everyday like it's special We often feel that in order to treat ourselves, we must have done something good. Get this out of your head and wake up seeing everyday as a special day, pretend it's christmas if you need to. You don't need to keep your favourite lipsticks and perfumes for special days, every day can be special. 4. Reach out to friends and family - be together Life can often feel so hectic and we can go days, even weeks, without seeing those that matter to us. Reach out to those who matter and get together, whether it be a 5 minute coffee date or a cheese and biscuits feast. 5. Set aside some time to bake or cook Head over to Pinterest, pick out something special, and give it a go. Share your amazing dishes with friends and family, or keep it for yourself, whatever makes you happiest! (If it's brownies, sharing is obviously off the cards) There are so many ways you can bring a little Hygge into your life, for us, we love popping on our favourite pair of slippers and settling down with a cup of tea. Let us know in the comments how you embrace Hygge, we would love to know!

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