Ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, liking every quote you see and feeling more and more motivated after reading each one? Us too. Quotes are the perfect way to give yourself a little positive kick and motivate yourself into a badass, go-getting attitude. Here are some of our favourite quotes that we think you should embrace and live by. 6726e4ba8254d9ba2402684973344b0f6137c2e8aa17c48d871e6dc6a41320e2 266bd7c5dc5de3770815b1d9fa884676 88b1400f86fa6a9b7a99863c4f5dcf6f 974f6cbbe22a5ff10cd2115568f9e832 eef46983fef8e68549ce787430b857d0 d351a7b2c6468773cf73c5cb07887052 a4f00dc00f8aa6f34ab905dec9397d0e f6fc542dd27208f7ddbfee3e5d5a4172 456cbcaf86a7a2bd82228ff59c0094ed da924b9680ffe09201b914bb96746423 7723086d49f1c21ca34962bd7eaa0b6c f79106549ff6384c742536385d763bec de34877aede8d195b554083c1f3b4582 47e60fea32f937387d7d74bbe753756a   Whether you decide to save this post, print each one out or choose your favourite as a screensaver/wallpaper - we hope they lifted your mood and made you feel motivated about the future. We can often focus on the negative aspects of life far too much, forgetting that there is always good in the world. What are some of your favourite quotes? let us know how you stay motivated, what are some of your tips for picking yourself up during bad/demotivated times? Leave a comment down below! Pretty You London Signature

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