Magic of Bamboo: Our Lace Kimono Robes

Magic of Bamboo: Our Lace Kimono Robes

Craving a splash of opulence in your relaxation routine? Let us introduce you to the epitome of luxury and comfort: our Bamboo Lace Kimono Robes. Designed to make you fall in love with nightwear all over again!  Continue reading to find out what makes our Kimonos so special…

Firstly, we've blended the magic of bamboo viscose with delicate lace trims to revolutionise your night-time attire. The bamboo viscose is not only sustainably sourced but also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and thermoregulating. So, say goodbye to overheating in the evening and uncomfortable fabric! On top of that, the elegant lace adds a glamorous touch, making it ultra desirable and the height of nightwear styles.

The robe comes with an internal tie to secure at the waist, ensuring a figure-flattering look on all body shapes. Plus, the luxuriously soft external tie fixes at the waist for added convenience. The longer length ensures you're covered and cosy, making it a luxurious yet functional wear.

What do our customers think? Don't just take our word for it! One of our delighted reviewers, had this to say:

"Really soft, and washes perfectly at 30 degrees, with a truly luxurious feel. Tie fastening is great as it's attached at the back so you can't lose it. I really look forward to wearing my bamboo nightwear after a shower!”

We often get questions about what exactly bamboo is and why we opt for it as our go-to material for our nightwear. So, scroll down for answers to some of your most curious questions!

What is Bamboo made of?

Bamboo is a type of evergreen grass. Forget the misconception that it's a tree—it's nature's miracle grass that transforms into a forest!

Is Bamboo good for pyjamas?

Absolutely! Bamboo viscose pyjamas are moisture-wicking and great for regulating body temperature, making them an excellent choice for all seasons.

What is Lace made of?

Our lace is made of premium cotton thread and synthetic fibres, intricately designed to add a touch of elegance to your nightwear.

So why wait? Experience the luxurious comfort and unparalleled elegance of our Bamboo Lace Kimono Robe today.

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