Impromptu Heatwave: Cami Short Sets

Impromptu Heatwave: Cami Short Sets

Just in time for the tail end of this Summer heatwave, we're delving into the divine details of our most coveted summer essential. Welcome to the Bamboo Lace Cami Short Set—a style that harmoniously blends both luxury and comfort.

Crafted in bamboo viscose, this isn't just a soft set of pyjamas; it's the perfect defence against summer nights. Why? Bamboo viscose is a miracle fabric with hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and thermoregulating properties. It's not only gentle on your skin but also works round the clock to ensure that your sleepwear is fresh and breathable. Say goodbye to night sweats and hello to pure comfort!

The Bamboo Lace Cami Short Set features a V-neckline framed by adjustable straps. Accentuated with exquisite lace trims that are as gentle as a caress, it marries elegance and comfort effortlessly. 

As we know all too well – Summer doesn’t last forever, so turn the Cami Short into a transitional piece, by pairing with our Bamboo Lace Kimono and Faye slippers.

"Bamboo pyjama shorts are luxurious to wear. These are my second set I’ve bought this summer and won’t be my last " - Moma S.

Declare your style boldly with our captivating colour palette for our Bamboo Lace Cami Short Sets. Whether you choose the soft 'Blue Mist', the dark and sensual 'Raven', the romantic 'Bordeaux', or the feminine 'Powder Puff', there’s a colour that reflects your unique personality.

We celebrate body positivity, and we're proud to say that the Bamboo Lace collection offers a figure-flattering look on all body shapes. 

Intrigued? Don't just take our word for it. Experience this exquisite collection for yourself and be prepared to redefine your notion of what nightwear can be.

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