The holiday season is here and we couldn't be more excited! With Christmas parties, champagne, gifts and roast dinners all coming our way, there isn't much to dampen our Christmas spirit. However, what has us less than excited this season is that dreaded 40 mins max window we have to get ready from our dreary rolled out of bed selves (it's December after all...) and transform into gorgeous Christmas party elves. So we thought it would be a wise idea to get together some ideas for quick and easy Christmas party makeup looks we can do in a hurry. We needed several, as we still have no idea what we are wearing... help! (nethertheless, that's tomorrow's stress). And so, of course we wanted to share in the hopes of helping you ladies out as well. 

We are all (somewhat) capable of a basic smokey eye, a quick dark eyeshadow blended all over is easy enough and definitely something we can do in a hurry. To give it a little Christmas party touch add a subtle sparkle either in the centre of the lid with a shimmer eyeshadow or you could put some glitter in the inner corner to make more of a statement. Finish the look off with a simple nude gloss and you're good to go!

Ahhh the classic red lip, a perfect go-to for when you're limited on time. It instantly makes you look like you've put more consideration and effort into your look, when, well, you really haven't, winner! The fact we can also pass it off as a Christmas themed look makes it even better. Get yourself a glitter liner and you can easily make it that bit more glamorous.

We absolutely love! this monochrome vampy berry makeup look. A super easy quick look to do, blend the dark berry all over the eye, swipe on a dark lipstick and you're good to go. This makeup look mixed with lots of dainty gold jewellery and there you have it, showstopper vibes with minimum effort.

The quickest way to look party ready is glitter... however it can get messy just as quick. The best idea is to stick to soft pinks and silvers so it doesnt look horrendous if some of it kindly decides to not stay exactly where you put it. A dust of pink shimmer/glitter on the lid and a super shimmery pink gloss will have you party ready in no time.

If you're brave enough then the easiest way to look like a makeup queen in the space of half an hour is to use a bold pop of colour. A green smokey eye definitely switches it up from the typical brown smokey eye and it surprisingly looks good on most colourings. The best part of it is you can go as subtle or as bold as you, for more subtlely just add some green eyeshadow onto the centre of the lid, you know on top of your typical brown smokey eye... (we are not judging). Or different shades of green to create a full blown committed green look, and as with the red lip it is perfect to pass off as a festive colour.

Hopefully this helps inspire some ideas for you to try in your mad rush to get ready and will have you looking like the belle of the ball at your Christmas party. Let us know in the comments below if try any of these looks.


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