The temperatures have well and truly dropped throughout the UK and although it happens at the exact same time every year, we are always slightly surprised when it does actually happen. Like we aren't ready? Can we not postpone the icy winter chill and keep the nice Autumn breeze? We have not yet stocked up on our kidney warming, cold resistant (only resistant as it somehow still manages to creep in) knits. While yes we have got the super cute on-trend ones released for Autumn (hello pearl embellishments...), when that cold truly hits we are telling lies to ourselves if we say they do the job.

However in the less than kind cold wind we now find ourselves, we are ready to embrace the season's spirit. Especially as there is plenty to get excited about this season, from Christmas markets, holiday parties, cosy slippers, winter scented candles and hopefully some snow. Only real snow, not just 1cm that turns to slush almost immediately, becoming far more effort than it was worth.

Along with the typical winter activities we have now find ourselves including the danish concept hygge subconsciously with this season. The past couple of years we have taken on board all the happy, cosy wisdom they have provided and honestly, we did feel happier. We spent more time appreciating our daily lives and the little joys it brings instead of feeling victims of the mundane slog, only made worse by the constant rain and cold (which we have definitely been guilty of in the past). We thought we would share our favourite ways we have injected some hygge into our lives.


Lots and lots and lots of candles. They provide the perfect mood lighting for the cosy vibes that we are trying to create within our homes, and with so many gorgeous scents that are only available to buy at this time of year we always want to make the most of it.

 Hot drinks

Who in England doesn't love a good of tea? Or better yet whose Grandma doesn't believe that a cup of tea can fix anything? We believe a lovely hot drink is not only warming physically but also mentally. A lot of danish people actually carry a warm flask with them everywhere they go so they have a constant access to a top up. We strongly suggest you treat yourself to some winter themed flavoured coffees (gingerbread latte, yes please!) and whipped cream topped hot chocolates several times throughout the season.

Turn off the screens

As soon as it hits 10pm turn all of your technology off, from your smartphones to your smart TVs. Instead contemplate your day and the accomplishments you have made, both big and small or take time to reflect and appreciate all the things you are grateful for. If you have a significant other discuss their day through with them. It really helps you unwind from the day and also helps promote positive thoughts before going to sleep, and who doesn't want more of those?

Warm blankets/bedding

The best investment I ever made was brushed cotton flannelette bedding, heaven. It keeps you so warm and can make any bed super cosy, in our opinion it perfectly summarizes hygge. The problem with it is the struggle to get out of it in the mornings. Also be sure to stock up on loads of soft, warm blankets and place them throughout the house so that you can wrap up in each room you are in and it also adds more cosy vibes to you decor with minimal effort.

Pamper yourself

The easiest way to give yourself a little luxury pamper at home is simply to switch your shower for a nice relaxing bath. Put in plenty of your favourite bubble bath, light some candles, put on your favourite face mask and unwind. You feel refreshed and relieved of any stress afterwards, it is also warms you through after being out in the cold. Moisture your skin with a nice warm scented body butter and trust us, you will practically feel the hygge radiating from you.


Whether you would classify yourself as more of a baker or a cook, spend some time in the kitchen trying new recipes and hopefully you will stumble upon some new winter gems. It can be incredibly therapeutic and best of all at the end of it you have something amazing to eat. The danish are famous for their sweet pastries and also enjoying home cooked hearty meals which are all part of the hygge lifestyle, yes seriously. No minimal calorie/no carbs diets here, can we get a hallelujah?

Long walks

Wrap up warm, put on your wellies and go on a long walk outside. By getting some fresh air and spending time appreciating nature, especially when it a beautiful season visually, it will help you feel happier and more accomplished with your day (or so the Danish say, and as they are the happiest people on earth, we will just go ahead and trust their opinion). At the very least we know it would make the dog happy.


Take time out of your day to emerge yourself in a good book, get a little nook all prepared, with cosy blankets and a warm drink at the ready and feel hygge epitomised. If reading isn't your thing however, get yourself a diary and spend that time writing down your own thoughts or planning your week ahead instead. Essentially this will just help you feel like you have spent your time wisely/enjoyably, which if we're honest, from rushing to work in the mornings, having to wash our hair, tidy the house, etc, we often feel the day has got away from us.

Cosy clothing 

Last but certainly not least... any excuse for new clothes, right? A beautiful pair of cashmere loungewear is definitely near the top of our Christmas wishlist and we of course have a pair of gorgeous Pretty You slippers to complete the cosy at home look. It all about the cosy faux furs and soft knits this season, which is probably why Autumn/Winter is our favourite time of year. We have also been loving putting our slinky summer bodysuits under out chunky knits for an extra practically undetectable layer, which feels like it is giving us a little hug all day and keeps us super warm.

We hope you loved our methods to introducing a little hygge into our lives this winter. Let us know in the comments below some of your favourites so that we can give them a try!

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