It's January, we are all poor, it is too cold outside and let's face it we just want to be snuggled up indoors with our cosy pjs and slippers with something good to watch. Cue the Netflix... so you have scrolled through your homepage 3-4 times and scanned over 100 titles by now, but there is just nothing to watch! Instead you quickly google 'what to watch on netflix' and thereby end up here. Welcome. If you have actually just come to read the latest post on this weekly blog, then also, welcome.

Now lies the question film or series? We have given you are top 5 Netflix recommendations for each to help you beat those January blues on your Saturday night. Of course, a good takeaway, a few candles and some super glam slippers help too...


If you're into anything supernatural (vampires, werewolves, witches, that kind of thing...) or into lots of drama between supernaturally gorgeous people... then 'The Originals' is definitely the show for you. There is lots of action (aka boyfriend friendly), not too many corny love stories (yes!) and best of all, some great strong female characters. Overall we think it is a better watch than The Vampire Diaries (sorry!), but be prepared to settle in as each season as around 22-23 episodes, it is definitely a commitment!

'Mindhunter' is one for all the crime loving ladies. It is based around two FBI agents who work within the federal bureau of investigation in the early years of criminal psychology and criminal profiling. They interview imprisoned serial killers to start understanding how they think in the hopes it will help them solve ongoing cases... sounds horrifying and intriguing all at once.

You simply can't go wrong with a good old classic 'Friends' binge-watch on a Saturday night in. With the entire collection of episodes recently added to Netflix you can literally jump right in anywhere. Also with each episode only lasting 30 mins each, (and of course you've have seen them all before anyway) you don't have to binge watch the entire season in one sitting. It is also perfect to have on in the background of a girly night in with friends without you having to give it your undivided attention.

If you are looking for something a little more fun and lighthearted in the form of an animation maybe? We can not recommend 'Big Mouth' enough, a brilliant comedy all about the turbulent woes of puberty (we all remember those) with actual depictions of the 'hormone monsters', Maurice for the boys and Connie (who we have to say is rather fabulous) for the girls. Super easy watching and will definitely provide you with a few chuckles on your Saturday night.

Now would it really be a comprehensible list if it didn't have at least one guilty pleasure? Introducing 'Gossip Girl', we just can't help but want to relive old memories of decadence, glamour and well, juicy gossip. More drama than you could ever ask for perfectly glossed over with a copious amount of runway worthy fashion looks via the gorgeous Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. Sounds like a winner to us.


If you want a fabulous, over the top spectacle to take you into another world for an hour and a half on your Saturday night then 'Chicago' is most definitely the one to watch! With an incredible star-studded cast, gorgeous showgirl costumes and fantastic musical numbers and choreography sequences, there is a reason it won best picture at the Academy Awards & Golden Globes...

Looking for a classic feel good film with a strong female lead who shows that it is capable to have beauty and brains... and a cute pet chihuahua?! Then 'Legally Blonde' is going to have you smiling for ear to ear all Saturday night long. After all, who says a blonde bombshell with a pink convertible and fabulously eccentric noughties wardrobe, can't go to Harvard Law School?!

If you missed out on the best-selling book and never quite got round to watching the film, then maybe this Saturday night is finally the night delve into 'Gone Girl'. A psychological thriller that with have you bewildered, shocked and most importantly gripped throughout by the constant turn of events. Honestly we weren't quite sure if we liked the lead character Amy, hated her, thought she was marvelously intelligent or a complete sociopath, ultimately by the end we thought all of those things.

It's a relaxing Saturday night in... you want some action, two extremely good looking actors, a captivating storyline, gorgeous dream holiday locations and a little romance sprinkled on top... 'Focus' is the film for you. All about high stake cons and a healthy amount of gambling, it definitely isn't always plain sailing, but the twists and turns of this plot will have you thoroughly enjoying your Netflix film choice, which is ultimately all we are looking for!

Last but most certainly not least of our recommendations is 'The Other Woman'. A brilliant feel-good comedy about three gorgeous women plotting together to seek revenge on the man who has been simultaneously dating all three of them. With seriously funny anecdotes and an honest real life depiction of one of the women close to falling back in love with him, it is the perfect girly film to top of a pampering Saturday night in.

Let us know in the comments below some of your faves on Netflix right now that are perfect for a relaxing night in with a glass of wine and a face mask... 

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