With the new season, comes a new wardrobe but we would be lying if we didn't admit to updating our makeup as well... So now that we are mid-June we think it's perfectly acceptable to start pulling out our summer makeup looks! Regardless of whether you're jetting off to somewhere tropical or just enjoying the sunshine right here at home, we can all get a little bit more adventurous. We are showing our top 3 summer makeup looks that you can easily integrate and adapt to suit your lifestyle during the warmer months.


There is nothing more gorgeous during the summer than a bright red/orange lip, fact. Well maybe the sunshine... and ice cream. But in terms of makeup, a bold lip looks super pretty during the daytime with some fresh bronzed skin. It also looks ah-mazing on a night out with some classic bronzey eyes. If you're feeling adventurous try putting a little orange in your waterline, for a super cool unique look.


Now we know this looks a bit crazy... but hear us out. We are picturing this on holiday with a beautiful white floaty dress, a fresh sunkissed tan, gorgeous glowing highlight, cocktails by the beach... we think you get it. Or simply a night on the town with your extra sassy girl friends. If it is too much to do both lips and eyes for you, then go for either or, whichever is your favourite feature. But definitely keep the glowy highlight!


Would we even be discussing summer makeup if we weren't talking about the bronzed goddess look?! A golden smokey eye, a lot of bronzer, some beautiful highlight and a simple pretty gloss and you're all set. Most definitely the go-to makeup look during the summer, whether you're a guest at your friend's wedding or going on a cute day date with your bf.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our top 3 makeup looks for the summer months. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below!

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