Can we officially say we are fed up with Spring's indecisiveness? Last week it was reportedly going to be snowing, this week we are having the hottest May bank holiday ever! (Not that we are complaining about that). We want summer sun all the time now, especially as it is looking to be gloriously hot this year...

However in the meantime we may need a jacket or a couple extra layers to throw on for when the temperatures drop in the evening time. You know, when we are in denial that we are actually in fact cold, in our cute shorts and cami.

So here is our current outfit inspirations and the trends we are loving for Spring and Summer 2018.

We are loving these super soft easy neutral looks, and can we discuss how obsessed we are with trousers? A soft flowy pair of trousers with a simple plain top and you're good to go, looking like a fab fashionista? Now, that sounds like our kind of outfit!

Can we take a moment for the denim vibes... we are loving this for our casual everyday. Forget your plain classic skinnies, this year it is all about the mom fit, the distressed details and the baggy oversized jackets. Also, we never thought we would say this, but we are currently living for a double denim look!

Florals for spring? We think not. 2018 is all about the leopards, the polka dots and the stripes. If you're feeling brave you can also easily mix between the 3, just be sure to keep the stripes and polka dots black and white in that case, for a more cohesive polished look.

Brights are back in a big way for spring 2018, and a fun pop of colour could surely inspire the weather to be a brighter also. We are absolutely in love with Hailey Baldwin's full orange look, but a simple bright top with denim looks equally beautiful. Inject as much or as little as you like, but our philosophy on this one has got to be, go big or go home.

Now that you are inspired and have plenty of outfit ideas circulating, what is your favourite of the spring 2018 trends? Let us know in the comments below xx

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