Pretty You Loves: Pancakes

Here at Pretty You London, we think it's always a good time for pancakes - savory or sweet, whacky ot traditional, what's not to love? Just as well Pancake Day is coming up on Tuesday and, to celebrate, we're giving you three of our favourite, slightly unconventional, pancake recipes that we can't wait to try next week! Have a read and let us know - did you try any of these? What will you be doing this Shrove Tuesday?

Ricotta Pancakes from Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

Fancy something a little bit different that's also egg, nut, corn and soya free? These ricotta pancakes might be just the ticket. Fluffy and delicious, and definitely not your standard, these treats are almost like the perfect cross between a pancake and a cheesecake. Best of all, they're easy to turn over and take only 12 minutes to make - so perfect if you've got lots of hungry family members to feed! Serve with maple syrup or fruit for an extra kick. Click here to read the recipe. Image from Charlotte's Lively Kitchen Ricotta-Pancake-2

Banana Pancakes with Cinnamon Caramel Syrup from Countryside Cravings

Banana pancakes are somewhat of a classic, but the cinnamon caramel syrup in this lovely recipe definitely gives them an extra special something. Taking only 20 minutes to make and using things we're sure you'll already have in your cupboard, this is a super easy way to take pancakes to the next level - especially if you love that sweet and delicious banana flavour. We think that you could even try these with a dash of vanilla ice cream for an extra special treat! Check out the recipe here. Image from Countryside Cravings Banana-Pancakes-with-Cinnamon-Caramel-Syrup2

Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes from Recipe Runner

Tasty and healthy with a zingy kick, these Meyer lemon pancakes will leave you wanting more! Made with Greek yoghurt, wholewheat flour and poppy seeds, this recipe is refreshingly different and comes with a mouth-watering sauce that you can make to go with your stash of pancakes. Don't worry if you can't find Meyer lemons, as long as you pick up some good quality lemons from your local store, you really can use any sort. If you're not that into your sickly sweet desserts, the zestiness of this recipe will be just right for you. Check it out here. Image from Recipe Runner Meyer-Lemon-Poppy-Seed-Pancakes3

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