In celebration of world book day absolutely everyone is sharing their book recommendations (which is amazing!) but after reading so many posts and so many synopsis' we are now equipped with a list a mile long and reached a point that we just had to call it quits. However we thought we join in the fun and share our newly acquired 'book wishlist' with you and let you know what we plan to pick up.

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#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso has been shared on social media oh... we don't know... about a billion times since it first came out (we suspect largely to do with how aesthetically pleasing the cover is) however it also promises to be inspiring, motivating and empowering and who doesn't want more of that?

 Also in our mental list of favourite tv shows 'Miranda' and 'Girls' are definitely two of the best and Miranda Hart's and Lena Dunham's books are said to be just as relatable, loveable and most importantly downright hilarious.


Now, which one of us doesn't love a good mystery? Anyone? No one? That's what we thought. All 3 of the above have very mysterious synopsis', Truly Madly Deeply revolves around 3 couples and a barbecue, what could go wrong there? Luckiest Girl Alive is a classic 'woman with a seemingly perfect life, only with a dark secret in her past'. Lastly the one we are most intrigued by is The Woman in Cabin 10 which is about a mysterious woman thrown overboard on a cruise.

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While some of us can think of nothing better than curling up with a good book, a warm cup of tea and a cosy pair of slippers, some of us just don't enjoy reading books, which is perfectly fine, however we can all celebrate world book day with these gorgeous 'coffee table' books, that are sure to appeal to all of us. Within these books is plenty of amazing pictures, illustrations and graphics that are just as aesthetically appealing as the covers and perfectly 'instagrammable'.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the books on our current wish list and let us know which books you are currently dying to pick up, so we can make our lists just that little bit longer...

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