Mothers Day in The UK

Here in the United Kingdom, Sunday marks mothers day. Struggling to think what to get the lady who brought you into this world? Well, lets think together… Mothers, generally speaking of course (easy to make sweeping generalizations), like their home comforts. A cushion filled sofa, crackling fire place and Bridget Jones on the television. Crucially though, they love their slippers! Being the hardest working humans in the world; whether that’s ferrying young ones around town to soccer practice, being a shoulder to cry on or imparting their years of wisdom, the cluster of such duties takes a toll on their feet. Think of Pretty You as the podiatry saviours. We fly in with our cape on, and give your ladies feet the partners they have long craved. Stylish and comfy! So on Sunday, we implore all mothers to put their feet up, preferably in our slippers, and enjoy life. You deserve it! Sammy

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