Menopause Month: Reading & Listening List

Menopause Month: Reading & Listening List
Menopause is often shrouded in misconceptions and questions. Fortunately, there are numerous books, podcasts, and blogs that can provide insight, guidance, and support during this journey. In this blog, we'll recommend a selection of resources that cover a range of perspectives and experiences related to menopause. Whether you're looking for expert advice, personal stories, or a mix of both, these recommendations have you covered.


"Menopause: The One-Stop Guide" by Kathy Abernethy: Kathy Abernethy, a menopause specialist nurse, offers a comprehensive guide to navigating menopause with a focus on UK healthcare and support systems.
"Menopause: The Change for the Better" by Diana Moran: Known as the "Green Goddess" for her health and fitness expertise, Diana Moran shares her personal experience with menopause and offers practical advice for women in the UK.
"The M Word: Everything You Need to Know about the Menopause" by Dr. Philippa Kaye: Dr. Kaye, a UK-based GP and menopause specialist, provides a straightforward and informative guide to understanding and managing menopause.
It’s Beyond a Joke” by the Menopause Mandate: A look into stories from all different age women and different life paths. Celebrities, laughs and emotional stories to read along your journey.
"The Menopause Maze" by Liz Efiong: This book delves into the challenges faced by Black British women during menopause, providing insights into cultural and ethnic factors.


"The Menopause, Meditation, and Me Podcast": Hosted by Jayne Hardy, this podcast focuses on the mental health and self-care aspects of menopause, offering valuable insights and tips for listeners.
"Menopause, Marriage, and Motherhood": Hosted by Rachel Lankester, this podcast explores various aspects of menopause in the UK, from relationships to health and wellness.
"The Mid Point": Gabby Logan is middle-aged and unashamed, but what does it mean to be at the halfway stage of your life? Gabby talks candidly to well known faces about their own midlife challenges and expectations.
Peri Menopause Power”: For too long women have navigated this life stage in silence, crippled at times by the symptoms and unconsciously leaping into this unknown. Despite the challenges this life stage poses, we want to help women awaken to the power that lies within them.
"The Hot Flush”: A witty and insightful UK podcast about the ups and downs of menopause, with a focus on humour and shared experiences.


The Menopause Exchange: This UK-based blog offers articles and resources on various aspects of menopause, including symptom management and lifestyle changes.
Menopause Café Blog: This blog is an extension of the Menopause Café movement in the UK, focusing on open conversations about menopause, personal experiences, and support.
Newson Health Menopause Blog: Dr. Louise Newson, a UK-based menopause specialist, shares her expertise and insights on a variety of menopause-related topics.
My Menopause Centre: They have created My Menopause Centre because they believe that knowledge is power, and we’re on a mission to empower women to take control of their menopause and thrive.

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