The royal wedding is almost upon us, and we are beside ourselves with excitement in anticipation to see Meghan's dress! Which designer will she have chosen, but also possibly more importantly, what style will she have chosen? There have been rumours (more than likely made up) but still, that there will be lace sleeves... however surely that would be too similar to Kate's gorgeous masterpiece. Instead we have fantasied what she we will be wearing this upcoming Saturday, which will be a somewhat smaller affair than Will and Kate's wedding and therefore she could afford to go a bit more unconventional.

Meghan has stated previously that she likes something subtly romantic and something a little more simple, however it is a royal wedding after all, so lace could be the go to. We absolutely adore the boat/off-shoulder necklines on these dresses and think it would look stunning and modest if she did a half sleeve like the first image. Also how beautiful is the ruffle lace train on the second image?! This could be the ultimate showstopper for the soon to be royal.

If these gorgeous cascading tiered tulle skirts aren't 'subtely romantic' we dont know what is. Obviously we highly doubt Meghan would go strapless with so much skin on show however paired with a simple modest upper this dress could be beautifully simple. It also provides enough detail/attention for it to warrant a royal bride, overall a perfect compromise between Meghan's personal style and the occasion.

A gorgeous open back could be a perfect nod to Meghan's glamorous Hollywood past whilst still remaining modest enough for British royalty. Paired with sheer full length sleeves as shown in the second image and a stunning double lace train as shown in the first image and Meghan's dress would be truly breathtaking.

Lastly we would love love love to see Meghan step out in a stunningly simple extravagant sized gown. Unfortunately we think these dresses may be a little too simple in design for a royal gown but Meghan would look beautiful in any of them. The third dress would be gorgeous on her and fit her personal style perfectly, however it is possibly not the best match to the occasion. The first dress however, which does actually feature a plunging V back would be beautiful for both Meghan and the royal occasion.

We would love to know which royal wedding dress style you think Meghan is most likely to wear for her wedding to Prince Harry this Saturday? Let us know in the comments below! Also we would love to know your guess as to who you think the wedding dress designer is going to be!

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