One of the best parts of autumn is seeing all the warm and cosy Instagram themes, they make you want to snuggle up, drink hot chocolates and wrap up in autumn fashion. Here at Pretty You London, we love looking through all the photos you tag us in and so we have decided to feature some of our favourite customer looks with you. We just can't get enough! The Pretty You London Babes have definitely been getting their comfy on, reading books, drinking coffee, watching movies and more. Whoever said that relaxing couldn't be glam? Our girls look absolutely stunning in their Pretty You slippers. picmonkey-collage-2picmonkey-collage-3 Now is the perfect time to incorporate slippers into your Instagram posts, the weather is getting colder and keeping warm is becoming a top priority. This year has gone so quickly and Christmas is right around the corner, we can't believe that in just a few months it will be 2017! One minute it's summer and we're all purchasing ice cream and the next it's freezing outside. Who knows, maybe it will snow this year? It's 100% acceptable to begin writing that Christmas wish list. Halloween is also fast approaching, a chance to dress up and eat as many sweets as we possibly can. Let us know what you're planning to dress up as in the comments, we would love to know! If you haven't thought about a costume, fear not, we will be posting some quick and simple go-to Halloween costumes on our blog next week, so watch this space. For more slipper inspiration, do visit us over on Instagram (@PrettyYouLondon) and be sure to tag us in any slipper snaps! To view our range, click here, whether you want fluffy, simple or sparkles, we've got you covered!

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