Spring has officially sprung, which presents the perfect time for a little spring clean and a little interior update. Our latest obsession: plants! Cacti, succulents and indoor plants galore, it is a super easy way to give your home a fresh vibrant feeling. Also with an unlimited amount of plant pot options they easily fit in with any current interior and because of the growing popularity of indoor plants you can now find them relatively cheap. A smaller indoor plant would also be a perfect little additional add-on to your Mother's day gift, why not switch up from the typical bunch of flowers to something that will certainly last longer! You can obviously go for the real thing, however they will take a bit of upkeep and you need to make sure you are giving it the right amount of water and sunlight or you could just fake it until you make it and then have the freedom to put them wherever you think they look good. There is also the option to be a bit more artistic and unconventional with your plant introduction to your home with the use of prints, on the wall, on a cushion or there is even some fabulous bedding options around. Make it personal either through your choice of pots (you could even paint some yourself) or even just by the choice of plants themselves, there is some gorgeous colourful succulents that would add a beautiful accent to a coffee table or shelf. By far one of our favourite options is also a terrarium, you can either buy some ready made and add a few bits here and there to personalise it or you could put a little more effort into it and create one from scratch! How amazing does the one pictured below look with some crystals added in?! There is so much inspiration on Pinterest when it comes to injecting some plant life into your home that after spending 5 minutes looking through, it is also impossible to not do it! We have curated some of our favourite inspiration photos below that we just had to share... indoorplants Pretty You London Signature

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