Ok so lets talk gallery walls… they have become increasingly popular in recent years and you have probably seen them in thousands of 'home inspo' photographs,  and lets be honest it is easy to see why. They provide you with the ability to be a bit more creative and to inject more of your own personality/style into your home decor whilst allowing you to switch it up easily whenever you fancy a change. Now looking at the end result is lovely but in all honesty it looks a bit complicated and like a great deal of effort, so we thought it might be helpful to break it down a little... Start by having a look around at some prints, get a rough idea of what 'look' you are going for by searching around on either google or even pinterest to start with and save all the images you like into a folder. A tip would to be get a collection of different types of prints, photographs and some quotes (the more you mix it up, the more interesting the final result). Then have a play around with what sits nicely together and 'matches', before committing to buying anything. Also if you wish to add more of a personalised touch by using some of your own personal photographs, ones of family or if you have any that you have taken yourself that you are particularly fond of, feel free! gallery2 Now when planning your gallery, a great idea is having an accent colour. it can contribute significantly to the look of the entire room and as a final result looks very cohesive and well thought out. gallery1 Also an instant way to add more charm into your gallery wall is by mixing the types of frames you use and also to vary the sizing. gallery3 Now depending on your style, the gallery walls you see in almost every other picture on the 'home inspo' portion of Pinterest might look a bit too 'cluttered' for your liking. A brilliant way to combat this is to use the exact same frame for all of the prints and to not overlap them in any way on the wall, a square frame works particularly well for this style and the overall end result tends to look a lot more polished. The whole point of a gallery wall is to make your home decor more personal to you, so feel free to make it as busy or as clean looking as you desire. gallery4 So you've reached the point that you have got all your frames and prints and have a layout plan in mind, now you are just left with the challenging part - hanging it on the wall. One of the best tips we have found is to have a sort of practice run... measure out all your frames onto some paper and cut them out, then using these pieces of paper place them onto the wall using a bit of tape and play around with the positioning. Using this handy technique will also help you enormously when it comes to the point of hammering nails into walls, because you can easily see where it needs to be. gallery5 Finally all you have left to do is to put them all up and voila! you now have your own personalised gallery wall, which not only just looks cool in general but is also made even better by the fact it is 100% unique to you. However if a couple months later you do find yourself growing tired of it, as stated in the beginning of the post, one of the best things about having a gallery wall is that you can switch it up whenever you fancy without much hassle, well at least not in comparison to the mammoth task of re-decorating! gallery6 So if you have always loved the idea of having a gallery wall but you just couldn't quite muster up the effort that it would require, we hope this has helped break it down into more simple manageable steps for you! Obviously let us know if you try it out for yourselves and tell us your thoughts on this home DIY type post in the comments below... Pretty You London Signature

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