Shopping for yourself can be the most simplest of tasks, however, when it comes to others the possibilities seem endless. With Christmas fast approaching, we have collated our top tips to help you on your way to easier gift buying, meaning more time for festive activities. 1. WRITE DOWN A LIST OF RECIPIENTS The first thing you should do when you have a number of people to buy for is write down consisting of  each individual  you want to buy a gift for with some space below each name. Think carefully about who you'd like to buy for, this could be family, friends, work colleagues or your partner. For extra organisation you could create a separate list for each category or relation e.g. Work, Family etc. 2. NOTE DOWN 2 INTERESTS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL Think about each individual and what makes them happy, this could be baking, sports, fashion or beauty, each individual has their own quirk. We suggest writing down two or more interests for each individual so that you can narrow down your gift search and buy in a personalised and thoughtful product area. 3. REVIEW EACH INTEREST AND SEARCH FOR A GIFT IN EACH INTEREST AREA Once you have your recipient names and interests written down, you can start to close in on a physical gift. For example, someone interested in beauty blogging may be interested in receiving a specific lipstick, someone who likes having nights in may like a pair of slippers and a blanket. The key here is to do a bit of research, read some blogs or watch some youtube videos relating to your recipients interest, there may be existing gift guides in their niche to help you narrow down your options. 4. WEIGH UP EACH GIFT After doing your gift research and browsing your options, you will need to weigh up your findings and come to a conclusion. Imagine each individual receiving their gift, which gift is best suited? Will one gift prove to last longer? Does another have a better price point? These are important questions to consider. 5. SEARCH FOR THE BEST PLACE TO PURCHASE GIFT So you've chosen your gift and you've completed your list, now to find the best place to buy! If your gift is specialised and sold in few places, you can go ahead and purchase, however, this isn't usually the case. If you find your gift is sold in numerous stores, you'll need to do a little bargain hunting. There may be offers in-store that are not available online, alternatively you may find that there are offers only when purchased online with a discount code, these are important things to research before purchasing. Make sure to google any coupon codes and whether a sale is due, we all hate that feeling when we purchase an item and find it on sale the week after! Let us know your best tips for christmas gift giving, we would love to know how you choose gifts for your loved ones! Remember to keep up to date with all our new posts by following us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook! Pretty You London Signature

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