We are pleased to report that the well known phase 'tidy desk, tidy mind' is actually a true one. At Pretty You we obviously love all things pretty, so when it come to decorating and organising, our desks are no different.

We are going to be going through our favourite ways to spruce up our desks either at work or at home. Making them a welcoming organised space that we feel productive in and also one that we enjoy being in!

Notebooks & Plannersdeskdecor1An open desk planner is insanely handy, it is very easy to stay organised with one as it is super convenient to update it. There is also some super cute designs that can add a bit of colour to your desk. An obvious one is also notebooks... who doesn't love a good notebook? No one. We suggest collecting a few different styles and patterns and also sizes for an effortless chic vibe. If you can make them look cohesive but not necessarily 'matching' then you're onto a winner.

Flowers & Succulentsdeskdecor2Breathe some life (literally) into your desk space by adding some colourful pretty flowers or keep it classic with a cute succulent. Either one adds a bit of colour and makes your desk space feel more fresh and lively. Note if you aren't that great with plants, then just get some fake flowers. There is some really gorgeous choices that you wouldn't have to then replace all the time. Also they don't look dry and lacklustre when you forget to water them, oops.

Desk Tidies & Organisersdeskdecor3How you choose to organise your desk can really affect how productive you are and how much you actually enjoy being there. Make sure it is personally convenient for you, you can have a hundred cute files but if you don't use them then what's the point. Figure out a system that works for you and then only buy the pretty organisers that fit within that system.

Matching Stationerydeskdecor4Need we say more than the heading? Matching stationery is the perfect way to create a cohesive vibe to your desk. You can go with something simple and stylish like all gold or something more fun like a floral pattern. Can we also just appreciate how much we love that dachshund tape dispenser though?! So cute!

Moodboards/Printsdeskdecor5This is by far the best way to make your desk more personal and inspiring. Whether you just have a few beautiful images pinned to a board at work or create an inspiring gallery wall above your desk at home. This is a sure way to get inspired and stay motivated, whilst giving you the perfect decor! Also if you get bored of the images then you can just switch them out for new ones, simple!

We hope you found this helpful and got some inspiration on how to decorate your desk space. Let us know in the comments below your favourite desk decors and organisation tips and tricks.

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