Celebs & Their Slippers!

You think you’re the only one who likes a comfy pair of adorable slippers? Wrong! We all do, especially celebrities. Imagine a day of being hounded by the paparazzo’s. (I must say it is something I could probably get used to…) Their feet need the royal treatment! Alexa Chung, one of the world’s elite supermodel’s has been instagramming her beloved slippers, and so has Naomi Campbell! I would dread to see the state of their catwalk-drunk feet. Better they stay hidden me thinks… I’ve been thinking about Uggs. Uggs on women- great. Uggs on men- not so great. Male Uggs = Making men look like mugs. Ugly me has broken the mould, traversed the social taboo of male slipper wearing. That’s all for now, Sammy Pretty You London

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