Bamboo Nightwear Q&A

Bamboo Nightwear Q&A

Are Bamboo Pyjamas Warm?

To put it briefly, bamboo pyjamas keep you cool when it's warm, and warm when it's cool. The cross-section of the fibres has micro gaps for better ventilation, so the heat can manage to escape when your body is feeling like it is overheating; but also allows for fibres to trap the warmth produced by your body, to keep you warm. Bamboo is a clever material and the temperature regulating feature is one of the reasons we love it so much for our core nightwear collections!

Are Bamboo Pyjamas good for Autumn/Winter?

Yes! Our bamboo nightwear is perfect for Autumn/Winter as the super-soft fabric combined with the thermoregulating nature of Bamboo textiles will keep you nice and toasty through the cooler seasons. Our go-to ladies bamboo nightwear styles for Autumn are the Bamboo Pyjama Set in Luxe Leopard and the Bamboo Nightshirt in Scarlet, the nightshirt has the full length sleeve to trap any escaping heat during cold Winter nights but under the covers we have breathability and movement with the nightdress style.

Are Bamboo Pyjamas comfortable?

We take pride in the quality and the feedback we receive about our bamboo nightwear, with raving reviews of the delicate, premium and super-soft feel of our ladies bamboo pyjamas, we definitely know it is the most comfortable nightwear around. (It’s also a good day at Pretty You HQ when we get to take home some samples for ourselves!)

Why are Bamboo Pyjamas so good?

The main reasons why bamboo pyjamas are so good are:
Thermoregulating - Fibres in the bamboo traps warm air in the cross-sections fibres which helps keep you warm while the gaps in the weave allows for movement of air.
Sustainably Sourced - Our bamboo viscose is 100% FSC certified sustainably sourced. Naturally, bamboo is a fast growing material and has minimal impact on the environment and the communities that surround it.
Antibacterial - Bamboo Kun is the antimicrobial bio-agent that gives bamboo viscose antibacterial properties.
Ultra Soft - Bamboo has long and rounded fibres which when combined with the elastane we use for flexibility, creates a material that’s durable yet super soft.
Natural - Our bamboo viscose isn’t treated with harsh chemicals meaning it can decompose a lot more easily than most materials.

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