Bamboo Nightwear to Keep You Cool This Summer!

Bamboo Nightwear to Keep You Cool This Summer!
Bamboo has a range of benefits that makes it our top choice to use for our nightwear and loungewear. Check out our blog here to read about each one of them.
In this blog we’re going to talk solely about the temperature regulating side of bamboo and why it is such a great feature in nightwear.
Whether you’re new to the muggy summer night sweats during this record-breaking heatwave, or you’ve been suffering in silence for long enough, bamboo makes for the perfect ladies nightwear and here’s why:
Bamboo has the amazing ability to regulate your temperature and keep you cool during the night so you can finally get the sleep you deserve. 
Bamboo nightwear for women keeps you cool because the fibres work to wick away heat and moisture, before you get too hot. Bamboo viscose doesn’t trap heat the way some traditional nightwear fabrics do, which makes it a great option for summer. 
When the environment you’re trying to sleep in becomes too hot to handle, your body reacts by sweating to help cool you down as the tiny droplets of sweat release onto your skin and evaporate. When your nightwear is not a natural material, the sweat is absorbed into the fabric and becomes trapped, meaning it can not evaporate, and your body will not be able to cool itself down.
Our natural nightwear is also great for hot flashes, and for ladies living with menopause, as it makes for a breathable wear whilst keeping comfort and style at the heart.
Combine with bamboo bedding for the ultimate “beat the heat” combo.
Let us know your top tricks for keeping cool during the night this summer in the comments below, and remember to keep hydrated during this British summer heatwave!

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